Saturday, May 31, 2008

Once more online

It has been a very long time since I've had internet access... too long. So I am beyond thrilled to see this site again.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Sunday nights are my favorite when it comes to TV. Sure, there are great things to watch on other days, but for someone like me who has yet to fully mature there is nothing better than the 2 hours of animated debauchery that fox gives me. They are tame when compared to other animated series that come out later during the night, but Family Guy still gets more laughs out of me than the rest.

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I don't think there is anything funnier than this out there. It is crude, offensive, inappropriate and ever so funny. Last nights episode was about Stewie finding out there is no tooth fairy, and Meg's school teaching about abstinence. Family guy always pushes the envelop when it comes to what can be said and showed on television. One particular episode had the Peter taking on the FCC, my favorite one I would say. This show takes on anyone and everything, not really caring who they offend.

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Sex is ever present in the show, especially when Peter and his wife are concerned. There is Stewie's homosexual tendencies, Brian's obsession with Lois, Chris and his teenage ignorance, Meg and her need to be noticed, Peter who is extremely impressionable, and of course the ever kinky Lois. There isn't a single episode that doesn't have at least a line or two about sex.

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Sunday's episode about abstinence was funny as expected, with Meg opting for "Ear Sex" due to her pledge. It made me think about the real life people who take this pledge and refrain from the most gratifying activity in existence, sex. What are they thinking!? How can you forgo that which is the meaning of life? They reason for being alive? But in a way, I actually admire their commitment. It takes a lot of strength of will to be able to keep your self away from indulging in intercourse. This people vow to wait until marriage, due to religious reasons.

So, due to sex before marriage being a sin, they choose to keep themselves abstinent until they find the "One" and marry. It is a very respectable choice they make, regardless of the reason why they do it. The problem is that they seem to find a way around it. Apparently, blowjobs and anal sex don't take away your virginity. In their own warped thinking, getting pummeled through the back door is not against the word of god. As long as there aren't any sperm making their way to an egg, there is no problem. Had I known this in High School I would have gone out with all those girls. Blowjobs and anal sex? Sign me up!!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

PS3 Launch

The much awaited release of Sony's next generation console has finally arrived. And just like the previous time, there were lines of people waiting to be the first ones to get one. For 4 days, people camped out in front of Best Buy or Target, amongst other stores, waiting for the release.

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The supply for the PS3 was very limited, locations only getting about 10 each, so the value of the few consoles sky rocketed on ebay. Out of curiosity, I checked them out on Thursday and found that the bids were up to $3000! Who pays that much for a system that is going to be full of bugs and glitches? I mean, we all know that the first systems to come out act as Beta versions so Sony can find what needs to be fixed. I thought about buying the PS3 right away, for about a minute. But in the end I was not willing to camp out for 4 days just so I can pay $600 for it. Getting it on Ebay was out of the question.

It seems I made a good choice, waiting for the PS3 turned out to be dangerous. Many people were beaten and robbed for their system, a few were stabbed or trampled, others were held at gun point, and one was even shot twice. Criminals were presented with a perfect opportunity, a bunch of teenagers waiting in line at 3:00 AM carrying over $500 each. How can a thief resist? If I was going to go rob someone, that would have been the perfect set up. They couldn't have made it any easier.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Crossing Arizona

120 Degree weather, 50 miles of nothing but desert, 4 nights of non-stop walking, only enough water for 2 days, keeping pace with the rest of the group or being left behind to die...

Last night I accompanied my wife to the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. One of her professors gave his students the chance to earn some extra credit by going to see the documentary "Crossing Arizona". It was a documentary of the issues surrounding the Mexico-US border in Arizona. What people have to go through to get here and the thoughts of those that are influenced by this.

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In the film, we get to hear the opinions of many people, from the immigrants who are making their way north to the militant Minuteman who are trying to stop them. It is an extremely volatile subject which draws attention from all sides of the spectrum. You see kind hearted people who spend countless hours carrying gallons of water to remote locations, where hopefully those making their way across the desert can find them and avoid dying from dehydration. Some put up camps where they have water, food and medical supplies for those who are in need. Others fly over the area looking for those unlucky ones who are left behind and left to die.

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On the other side of the spectrum, we have ranchers who have to deal with trash being left behind by those passing by. We hear them complain about broken fences and lost profits, waste left behind and slaughtered cattle. We have those that think every problem our society faces today is caused by the influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal. They hold rallies to pass a bill that will require everyone to show proof of legal residency for everything from school attendance to medical care. Then there are the Minuteman, a military type organization who have taken it upon themselves to stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming to the US. They claim to be doing the job that the Border Patrol has failed to do, creating a human chain of "observers" who are there to stop the "illegals".

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As you can see from the picture above, they apparently need automatic weapons with which to do this job. Dangerous criminals carrying illegal drugs to sell to our children and violent gang members headed to terrorize our communities might fight back. They are, after all, headed here to destroy our culture and drain our economic system. The fact that the economic stability of this country is owed to them never crosses their minds. All the hard work that is done by these "Illegals" is not mentioned. No one ever mentions how the vast majority of the produce we eat is harvested by them, how practically all of our low paying jobs are done by them because the rest of us are unwilling to work the fields or do any of the countless brutal jobs they do.

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Why do they risk their life crossing through the harshest environment on the continental US? How can they put themselves through such an ordeal? Some might ask why they willingly come here just to break the law, that they are criminals and deserve what happens to them. Others will say that this is the land of opportunity, and they all deserve the right to aspire to a better future. There are so many sides to this issue, and plenty of ignorance on all sides.

What will the government do about it? Militarize the border and create another Berlin Wall? Maybe pass a bill that will provide all those immigrants a legal way to come to the US and work? Or will they continue to ignore the problem, vilifying those hard workers that risk everything for a few dollars and live in fear day to day, meanwhile profiting from them and using them as political fodder for their next campaign.

What do you think?

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